How to Appear Online to Selected Facebook Friends

Facebook provides us beautiful chat option to converse with your friends, but most of the times we end up chatting with the people whom we don’t intend to.

Sometimes you want to chat with special friend but remaining offline for others. You don’t have to become completely invisible or logout of Facebook to handle such situations. You can stay offline from few and also stay online to others following these few simple steps.

1. Suppose you turned on the chat by clicking on “Turn on chat” on the top right corner of the chat box.
2. Now, you will see all your Facebook friends who are online.
3. Now if you want to stay invisible or offline, then all you need to do is click on Settings icon as shown here.

4. A new window opens. Here click on “Advanced Settings…“
5. Here, you will be shown with 3 options viz. Turn on chat for all friends except…, Turn on chat for only some friends…, Turn off chat.

select from the options as per your need.

  • To appear offline to just a few friends, then choose the first option “Turn on chat for all friends except…” and enter the names.
  • To appear offline to everyone else other than a few friends, then choose the option “Turn on chat for only some friends…” and enter the names of your friends to whom you want to appear online.
  • Not just the names of your friends, you can also enter the List.

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